Massachusett’s Auto Insurance Regulations

Proof of Insurance and Financial Responsibility

Your insurance company will provide you with proof of insurance. For example, when you apply for registration your authorized Massachusetts insurance agent will fill out, stamp, and sign an RMV-1 form (application).
In addition to displaying the names of the insurer and the insured, the proof of coverage provided by the insurance company should include details on:

  • The effective and expiration dates of coverage.
  • Your vehicle’s description, including the identification number.
  • The limits of liability (or a statement that your policy fulfills the state’s minimum liability insurance requirement).

Keep your proof of insurance with the vehicle at all times. That way if you get into an accident or law enforcement pulls you over, you will be prepared to show proof of financial responsibility.

Penalties for Failure to Maintain Financial Responsibility

If at any time you let your insurance coverage lapse or have no proof of insurance, you could face a traffic citation. Currently with this fairly new managed-competition system, violations such as these could mean an increase on you insurance premium. A provider will adjust what you pay for the policy depending on:
Your driving record.
The number and severity of at-fault accidents you were involved in (see below).

Your traffic violations.